April 21, 2024

The Baby Food Stage Begins

Today starts my 3 weeks of eating puréed foods.  Basically, it’s all baby food.  So, unless I want to be tied to bland, nasty baby food for 3 weeks I have to be creative.  Today, I experimented with something, and came up with a way to get 21 grams of my 80 grams of protein that is required daily without drinking a protein shake.  Don’t get me wrong, my protein shakes taste great, but I’m ready for some variety.  So, here’s what I came up with today.

What you are seeing here is a tilapia filet cooked on our electric griddle in just a little bit of grapeseed oil, seasoned with cumin, Italian seasoning, and onion powder.  Then,  I put it in a bullet blender with some chicken broth, and beat it to death in there.  This was the result:  A surprisingly good tasting tilapia/chicken broth baby food, just for me!

Also, I was pumped today when I got out of bed, and stepped on the scale!

What you see here is that I have now moved 41 marbles to the right hand container!  I started this journey on September 4 weighing in at 348.8 pounds.  As of this morning, I am at 307.6!!!!  That’s 41.2 pounds down in one month!  I have 108.8 pounds left to reach my goal weight.

Thank you to all of your for your prayers as I go through this Journey to Health!  They are greatly appreciated!  Please continue.

Also, please share this blog with anyone you know who has a loved one going through bariatric surgery or anyone who is considering it or who needs it.

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