May 24, 2024


It’s 3:50 a.m., and I’m sitting up on the side of my hospital bed here at West Marion Community Hospital in Ocala feeling better than yesterday evening, but still with some real pain.  There are five small laparoscopic incisions on my belly where the surgeon accessed everything yesterday.  Four of them are pain free, but one of them is a REAL PAIN!  I know it will get better soon, but these first couple of days after surgery are not easy.

I’m thankfully able to stand up, sit up (sitting up is a struggle, but I get there), and move around pretty well.  One thing that still doesn’t go as easily as it did before that I know will get better soon (this may be a bit too personal for you….just warning you) is peeing!  I really have to push to get it out, which hurts since it tasks muscles tied to where the surgery pain is.  Thankfully, I do get it out, but it definitely takes enduring some real pain.  The one thing I’m not looking forward to it sitting on the toilet taking care of the other end 😉

That’s it for this morning.  I can’t wait to get home tomorrow, and see where my weight is at.  It may be up with all the IV fluids and swelling, but I know it will start melting off soon.

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