June 18, 2024

Journey To Health – 50 TO GO!

On September 4, 2019, I stepped on the scale, and weighed 348.8 pounds.  That day, I began my pre-op diet to prepare for my gastric bypass surgery that took place on September 19, 2019.  That day began my Journey To Health!

Today, May 19, 2020, exactly eight months after my surgery, I stepped on the scale, and, as Sharon would say, I started doing the happy dance!  When I entered my new weight into the MyFitnessPal app on my phone, here is what it showed me:

100.4 pounds lost

OH YEAH!!!!!

I have officially lost over 100 pounds in the last eight months!  As many of you remember from my previous posts, I’ve been using marbles in two containers to track my weight loss, and encourage me to keep going.   I would move one marble from the left container to the right one for every pound I lost.  Here is what the two containers looked like when this journey started.

Journey To Health - Marbles At the Beginning

Here is what they look like today!!!!

Journey To Health - Marbles After 100 Pounds Lost

My weight this morning was 248.4 pounds!  That means, to reach my goal of 198.8 pounds, I have 49.6 pounds to go!  To be able to say that I had lost 100 pounds is not something that, just one year ago, I ever thought I’d be able to say.  I had tried everything before my gastric bypass surgery, and nothing was working.  Today, I sit here, feeling physically better than I’ve felt in many years, because the gastric bypass worked.  This Journey to Health has not been easy.  There are still days when my stomach revolts, and feels sick because I ate the wrong thing, or ate a little too much.  I would, however, do it all over again, without hesitation, knowing what a dramatic improvement in my quality of life was coming!

Here’s one final thing for you to see this morning.  This is a comparison of what I looked like before the surgery, and a photo taken this morning sitting at my desk here at home in my Knight Cave.  (Yes, I have my own Knight Cave 🙂 I am a UCF Knight, and always will be!)

Journey To Health - Before and After Weight Loss Comparison

For those of you who have followed me on this Journey to Health, who have patiently waited for this update, thank you for all your prayers and encouragement.  Especially, thank you to my amazing wife, Sharon, who has helped me on this Journey, and, who, has lost almost 150 pounds herself after gastric bypass surgery!

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