May 24, 2024

A Walk Around SeaWorld (More Marbles Moved)

It’s amazing what walking around SeaWorld Orlando all day will do for weight loss! 🙂 As of this morning, I am now at 294.0 pounds for a total weight loss of 54.8 pounds! (Yes, that’s two more marbles moved!)

Of course, this Journey to Health has not been without difficulty, as many of you who have been following my posts since the beginning know. Last night, Sharon was driving home from SeaWorld, and I ate one little chicken finger nice and slow like I’m supposed to. Well, my stomach didn’t want it as much as the rest of me did. 🤪. Needless to say, the chicken returned to where it came from. It tasted a lot better the first time. 🤮

By the way, I won’t share a photo of the chicken after it returned. Lol.

As I’ve been saying all along, even with the occasional sickness, regular stomach pain when I’m full, and other interesting changes, I’d still do it all again! No words can adequately express how amazing it is to be able to tuck in my shirts with my jeans for the first time in years, to be able to tie my shoes without difficulty, and so many other things.

Please share this with anyone who is considering bariatric surgery, anyone who knows someone who is considering bariatric surgery, or anyone at all you run into who could benefit from an understanding of what a bariatric surgery patient experiences (that’s everyone).

Thank you for reading, like, follow and share these posts.

See y’all soon! 😎

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