April 21, 2024

More Marbles Moved! (M3)

It’s been four days since I started my liquid diet in preparation for my bariatric surgery on Sept. 19.  I knew I would lose weight, but I really didn’t think I’d do it this quickly!

As you can see from the pic above, there are now 10 marbles in the “Pounds Lost” container!  That’s right, I’m down 10.4 pounds in just 4 days!

Has it been easy?  NO!  But, I keep focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel.  Being uncomfortable for a few days is well worth it to know that in about a year I’ll be almost to my high school weight!  It just sounds unbelievable!

God tells us in The Bible that things won’t always be easy, but those uneasy times are meant for our refinement and education, and, if we stay the course, remain faithful to him, and to what he has called us to, there will be a reward in the end.  No, what I’m doing doesn’t even begin to compare to what others are experiencing, like cancer and loss, but it is still a trial, and will end in my refinement for His Glory.  I thank God that I am able to have this surgery, and that I get to travel this Journey To Health!

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