May 24, 2024

M3 & Hunger

Hello, again, everyone!  I’m only 6 days away from surgery, and am so, very much looking forward to it!

Another marble got moved this morning, bringing my total weight loss in the last 8 days to 16.8 pounds!  Realistically, I can expect to probably lose another 10 pounds or so before the surgery.

One thing, for anyone who is planning on having gastric bypass surgery in the near future, is to know that the two weeks on the liquid diet are not easy.  I started the clear liquid portion of the diet 2 days ago, and yesterday, ended up “cheating” a bit with two tilapia filets.  As a result, I only lost 1 pound from yesterday to today.  What I should have done was drink another protein shake or have some jello, or a sugar free popsicle, or something like that, and my weight loss would have been more.

Overall, it is going very well.  I can’t wait to have the surgery, so that I won’t feel hungry anymore like this week.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I’ll have another update on Sunday or Monday.

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