June 18, 2024

The Marbles Continue to Rise!

Good morning, everyone! As you’ll see in the photo below, the pile of marbles in the “Pounds Lost” vase has grown! 🤪

This morning, when I woke up, I weight in at 293.6 pounds! That’s 55.2 pounds down, and another marble moved!

Here is my weekly weight loss progress since September 4, 2019, when I started the pre-op liquid diet.

09/04/2019: 348.8 pounds
09/11/2019: 333.4 pounds (15.4 pounds lost)
09/19/2019 (Surgery Day): 331.0 pounds (17.8 pounds lost)
09/26/2019: 316.2 pounds (32.6 pounds lost)
10/03/2019: 309.8 pounds (39.0 pounds lost)
10/10/2019: 306.6 pounds (42.2 pounds lost)
10/17/2019: 303.6 pounds (45.2 pounds lost)
10/24/2019: 300.0 pounds (48.8 pounds lost)
10/31/2019: 297.8 pounds (51.0 pounds lost)
11/07/2019: 296.6 pounds (52.2 pounds lost
11/12/2019: 293.6 pounds (55.2 pounds lost)

This gives me an average weekly weight loss of 5.62 pounds from September 4 through today. As you can see, the weight loss is much greater in the first few weeks, and then slows down to around 2-3 pounds per week as I have started eating regular food again. This is normal, and exactly what the Bariatric Surgery team at Ocala Health said would happen. Thank you to Dr. Angel Caban, Kelli Potenza, Francesca and all the rest of the team at Ocala Health for creating a program that doesn’t just get you in for surgery and turn you loose, but that educates you on exactly what to expect, how to get the best results, and supports you forever!

If I keep going with an average weight loss of 2 pounds per week for the next year, I’ll reach my goal weight of 195 pounds in about 50 weeks, just short of a year! The idea of being at a healthy weight that allows me to run, walk around theme parks without being winded, play golf without my big old belly in the way, and do so many other things that I couldn’t do before is mind blowing!

Here’s to the next year!

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