May 24, 2024

Here We Go! Liquid Diet, Day 1

Today, I began the full liquid diet, which will last for one week, in preparation for my gastric bypass surgery on Sept. 19.  During this first week, I can have things like plain oatmeal or plain grits, and can flavor them with a sweetener like Stevia.    So, one serving of each of those made up two meals for today.  Then, I had a bowl of cheddar broccoli soup.  Even though these were all satisfying, I still had to get my 60-80 grams of protein in for today.  So, I had two chocolate protein shakes, which got me where I needed to go.  Thankfully, they taste really good with skim milk.  Here is what I am using for the protein shakes:

You can find these at WalMart, and are about $17 for 20 packs.  Each pack gives you 20 grams of protein, and, with the protein from the milk, it does the trick.

Yes, today was a little challenging from the standpoint of being hungry, and getting used to not being able to eat regular food.  To combat the hunger, all I had to do was drink a couple of bottles of water, and the hunger went away.

Well, that does it for day one.  Have a great night, everyone, and I’ll see you again soon.

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