June 18, 2024

My Journey To Health Begins Now!

Earlier today, Sharon and I went to my consultation appointment with Dr. Angel Caban in Ocala to get scheduled for my gastric bypass surgery.  In less than a month, on Thursday, September 19, 2019, I will be undergoing the gastric bypass surgery at West Marion Community Hospital in Ocala!

To get ready for the procedure, I’ll be going tomorrow to get blood work done, and then in the coming days, I’ll be getting an Upper GI done to confirm that everything is ok inside for the surgery.  Then, the only other thing to do will be to meet with a nutritionist who will make sure I know what to and not to eat, and when I’ll be able to eat it.

As I begin the process of the pre-surgery liquid diet two weeks before, and as I experience other things along the way, I’ll be sharing my journey.

I simply ask for your prayers as I prepare, undergo the procedure, and then recover and lose the weight.

By the way, I’m starting today, at 345.6 pounds, according to the doctor’s scale.  My goal is to reach 200 pounds!  200 here I come!

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