July 21, 2024

I’m Home!

It’s wonderful to be home!  It’s also great to have my body finally expelling all the built up gas inside LOL (that’s probably more uncomfortable than the pain from the incisions).

If you ask Sharon, I think she’ll agree the most difficult part of the first 48 hours after the surgery was trying to get up out of the hospital bed.  I was always afraid that I was going to damage my new stomach by putting too much pressure on my body while getting up.  But, I did get up, and it got easier every time.

The nurses did have me up and walking around only 6 hours after my surgery was complete.  Walking went very well.

When you have surgery, and the medical staff tells you to use the spirometer to make sure you don’t get pneumonia, follow those instructions.  I didn’t use it like I was supposed to yesterday during the day, and spiked a 102 degree fever overnight.  Thankfully, I started using it, and, with the help of some IV medications, was able to break the fever and get it down.

I was disappointed when I got home today that I wasn’t feeling up to attending the UCF Football Watch Party at The Lodge in Ocala.  I was just to bloated and worn out to do it.  As I promised to Sharon and everyone before the surgery, I said that if I couldn’t do things or wasn’t ready, I wouldn’t be stubborn.  It’s more important to rest, and make sure that I don’t damage and blow up my new stomach.

Whether or not I will be in attendance for karaoke tomorrow night at Rodello’s is yet to be determined.  It all depends on how I feel.

I will get back to tracking my weight loss with the marbles tomorrow.  I look forward to sharing that with you, along with all the highs, lows, easy times and difficult times.

This is my Journey To Health, and I’m so thankful to be on it.

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