May 24, 2024

More Marbles Moved & How I Feel

On September 4, 2019, before I started the pre-op full liquid diet, I weighed in at 348.8.  This morning, 3 days after the surgery, I weighed in at 329.2!  I’m down 19.6 lbs!  So, there are 19 marbles that have been moved over!

Today, I really wanted to go with Sharon to host karaoke at Rodello’s, but I had to make the tough decision to stay home, because I just can’t handle going out yet.  I need a few more days of rest.  The biggest of the incisions still hurts, my energy is still low, and my stomach area hurts whenever I try to sit down or stand up.  So, Sharon will be handling trivia tomorrow and Tuesday, as well.  I have to say, I’m really proud of her for stepping up, getting over her nerves, and doing a great job today!  She has 16 singers at Rodello’s, and they are having a good time.  You go, Sharon!

As far as eating, I’m gonna puke if I see another protein shake. Lol!  So, I made some broth today, and am enjoying the sugar free popsicles.  But, I have to drink one more protein shake today.  So, I’ll give it a go in about an hour.

Even with how I feel right now, I know that I would gladly undergo this surgery again, because I know that a healthy, in-shape me is coming.

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