May 24, 2024

Marbles Moved and Gas Pain!

As of 7:00 a.m. today, since September 4, just 3 weeks ago, I have lost 28 pounds!
It’s M3 time (More Marbles Moved)!!!

28 Marbles Moved!
28 Marbles Moved! 122 to go!

Gas Pain!

Now for the other fun that comes with being only 6 days out from gastric bypass surgery:  LOTSA GAS!  As I have told some people, including my surgeon’s office, I’m playing the “Burp and Fart Symphony” all day every day!  There is such a huge gas build up from this surgery causing pain in my abdomen and especially in my back.

Gas Back Pain

The one thing that gives me relief from the back pain is the Sharper Image message chair that we got for $25 from the Goodwill Store here in Ocala!  It is truly amazing!  Of course, when I finish in the chair, since it’s still hard to get up from a reclining position, Sharon has to help pull me up out of the chair.

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